Sunday, October 24, 2010

World War Z

World War Z is a statement about the ineptness and arrogance of the government. It’s difficult not to become enraged about the messages of incompetence and isolation. It also stresses mankind’s ability to overcome difficulties and the tremendous capacity to adapt and survive.
When forewarned about the impeding dangers of the ‘virus’ it was ignored and believed to be an easily handled situation. Attack and destroy all who are different. Now doesn’t this sound familiar? Bully your way into their masses by blindly shooting a pathway, killing whatever gets in your way, which is a common theme with many invading armies.
The problem with zombies, however, is that the usual government standard operating procedures do not work in annihilating them. The troops need to be re-trained to go slow and easy and aim for the head. If that doesn’t work, make concentration camps with innocent people used as a moat to protect the insiders. Zombies are terrifying in that they just will not die unless shot directly into the head.
What a horrific apocalyptic end to the human race: a virus, which spreads rapidly and creates a living dead creature capable of existing beyond its own death.

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  1. Marilyn, I definitely saw the commentary on governmental ineptitude in this novel. It was part of the novel's amazing scope, and I marveled that it managed to get so much editorial commentary into a good rollicking horror novel!