Sunday, September 12, 2010

Breeding Ground

Breeding Ground
Sarah Pinborough
Was Breeding Ground by Sarah Pinborough a horror story or a comedy? The whole concept of women giving birth to widows must be someone’s idea of a phobia come to life. There are many apocalyptic theories, but this one was over the top as our main character wanders through a totally unoccupied town to pillage its remnants.
The fact that a ‘deafness gene’ can be used as a weapon against the widows to destroy them is amazing. How on earth did they determine this?
Why did they leave safety to go out into the world filled with venomous spiders? This seemed to be a totally illogical and ill planned move.
The sex scene seemed like a dash of Tabasco added to a scrambled egg. It added zest to an otherwise bland menu; however, it was inconsistent with the entire cadence of the book.
How convenient that there were several unanswered questions when finished with the book. It left the door open for the sequel.


  1. I agree that the sex scene in the bathroom didn't fit with the rest of the novel. Consistency and believability didn't seem to be the focus of this novel at all.


  2. Good point about the deafness thing. You made me realize how convenient it was that the dog came along when it did to show everyone that deafness was how the woman had survived for so long.

  3. Well the other book, Feeding Ground, which I haven't read yet, doesn't end up being a sequel but the story told from another group of people's POV. I do wonder though, if we'll see a book that answers the question of their origins.