Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Funeral

The Funeral
Richard Matheson
The Funeral was a great tongue in cheek horror story. Who hasn’t wondered how their funeral would occur? Will there be enough flowers, the right casket, the proper music, enough attendees, and a respectful eulogy? And who hasn’t known a Morton Silkline, someone who would do \anything for money? Put a wealthy undead with a greedy undertaker and you have your story.
Matheson leaves a lot to the reader’s imagination and thereby empowers him or her to mentally create whatever is in the room with Silkline and Asper. Whatever it is, isn’t good.

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  1. I think he gives the reader a lot of almost tropes to play with and then lets them decide what monster is what. But I have to agree that everyone is sort of interested in how their own funeral will go.